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Inn from the Cold is a 16 bed Extreme Weather Shelter located at St. Alban's Church, 7260 St Alban's Rd, Richmond, BC.  The shelter is open whenever the city of Richmond issues an Extreme Weather Alert (see note 1 below).   Inn from the Cold offers a safe, friendly, warm and welcome atmosphere for Richmond individuals and families who are homeless.

On nights when the Extreme Weather Alert is in effect, we are open from 7 pm until 8 am the next morning.  We serve a hot dinner at night, a hot breakfast in the morning and send our guests off with a packed lunch.   We also offer warm clothing and companionship.

The shelter is run by a multi-cultural, multi-faith team of committee members, volunteers and staff.  Volunteers prepare and serve meals and also drop by just to socialize with our guests.  At least two trained staff are at the shelter whenever it is open, including right through the night.

Note 1: According to Richmond's Extreme Weather Response Plan, Extreme Weather is defined as:

  • Conditions deemed severe enough to present a substantial threat to the life or health of homeless persons; OR
  • Any snow accumulation; OR
  • Temperatures at or below –2 degrees Celsius (0 to -2 with a wind chill); OR
  • Temperatures near 0 with rainfall that makes it difficult or impossible for homeless persons to remain dry.